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Kromatic is a small team that makes a big impact. We are a global partnership of innovation coaches, trainers, and consultants that teach organizations around the world how to make innovation a core competency.

We work with some of the biggest clients from all sectors – corporate (Walmart, Unilever, Salesforce), non-profits (Cancer Research UK, United Way), and governments (US and UK) – to help them innovate. We get to work on projects tht range from protecting children’s welfare to creating new lines of business, and have even served on the ice cream board of innovation
(Yes - that is a real thing.)

We offer scalable training programs (online and offline), innovation team coaching, and consulting, all of which is supported by a platform of tools, templates, and know-how we call KIT – the Kromatic Innovation Toolkit.

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What makes Kromatic special

  • The people & the culture
  • The purpose & quality of the work
  • Our focus on continuous improvement
  • Flexiblity & agile thinking

A place where you grow and belong


Feel valued, heard, safe, and empowered


Constantly develop your skill set with access to conferences and workshops


Flexible schedule & remote work


Global-minded and community-focused

Open positions

Head of Marketing

Remote Position / Full Time

We are looking for a marketing leader that can help transform an innovation consulting firm into a product-led organization. We have developed a comprehensive line of products and services that we have used to train large organizations at scale, and would now need to scale up our marketing efforts. We need a marketing head to work directly with CEO Tristan Kromer to craft a strategy that will improve our performance marketing and consistently generate sales leads.

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Senior React Web Developer

Remote Position / Full Time

We are building a platform to help us train the next generation of innovators. This includes a Learning Management System to help us deliver high quality training online, live workshops, and even simple games to help teach basic innovation principles.

Our customers want to learn how to be agile and lean innovators - and they also don’t want to be bored silly or feel like they are learning useless theory that doesn’t apply to the real world. All our training and coaching is done on real innovations so we’re not wasting anyone’s time.

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We are a team of successful entrepreneurs and expert innovators from more than 30 industries around the world.

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