Kromatic and Partners

Kromatic has 56 partners in 16 countries with 1 mission: to help you re-design organizations, processes, and environments to make innovation a sustainable competitive advantage.

Tristan Kromer

San Francisco, USA

Tristan Kromer works with innovation teams and leaders to create amazing products and build startup ecosystems. He has worked with companies from early stage startups with zero revenue to enterprise companies with >$1B USD revenue. (Unilever, Swisscom, Salesforce, Fujitsu, LinkedIn) Tristan has worked with over 17 technology accelerator programs and ecosystem programs such as Innovation Norway, Vinnova (Sweden), Enterprise Ireland, NEST’up (Belgium), StartSmart (Estonia) and the Innovation Partnership Program (Vietnam-Finland) With his remaining hours, Tristan volunteers his time with early stage startups and blogs at

Clients: Unilever, Walmart Labs, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Credit Sesame, Bosch

Languages: English

Nick Noreña

San Francisco, USA

Nick Noreña is an innovation coach based out of Berkeley, California, who has spent the last 7.5 years working in the startup and corporate innovation space. He has worked with over 100 project teams and businesses as a coach, educator, and entrepreneur. Nick specializes in helping early stage startup or corporate teams validate their business ideas. His favorite project in recent memory was co-designing and running a 10 week training program for aspiring startup coaches, investors, and accelerator managers in Vietnam in cooperation with the Innovation Partnership Program. With his remaining hours, Nick volunteers his time in the startup community helping early stage founders validate their business ideas.

Clients: Jaguar Land Rover, IDEO, Walmart, Center for Creative Leadership, Unilever, Asian Development Bank

Languages: English

Manuel Guerrera

Milan, Italy

I work with Fortune 500 companies as well as small startups in different industries and regions. I use the mindset and principles of Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation to help leaders and project teams to change, transform or improve the way they do business.

Languages: English, Italian

Megan Kennedy

Indianapolis, USA

Megan is an Innovation Coach and Process Designer. She brings ten years of experience in project management and consulting - analyzing data, solving problems, and communicating with stakeholders. Her key strengths lie in providing design solutions that balance both the business and user needs. Megan's previous work includes financial auditing as a Certified Public Accountant and coding machinery for the fabrication and manufacturing of sheet metal. Her diverse geographic and career background allows her to see the world through many lenses.

Clients: Delta Dental, Hint Water, The Trust for Public Land

Languages: English

Jael Kong


Jael has been a corporate innovator for over 12 years in Unilever, and helped drive the innovation transformation program within Unilever, across Beauty & Personal Care and Foods & Ice Cream business units. She has over 17 years of experience in human insights, and is also an accredited Life & Leadership Coach, Agile Team Coach, and Strengths Coach. Jael enjoys working with individuals and teams to level up the way they show up to the challenges in the real world, through more acute awareness of themselves and the systems they co-create.

Clients: Unilever, Pernod Ricard, Flying Fish Lab, Empower 2 Free

Languages: English, Mandarin

Jon Ruark

Washington DC, USA

Innovation coach with 17 years of Department of Defense and Intelligence Community experience. I am passionate about helping organizations become data-driven and helping entrepreneurs figure out where to start. I am a Systems Engineer turned lean startup coach that understands government policy, acquisition, and regulations and how to apply lean techniques to them. Agile engineering coach with SAFe certifications. Expert in hypothesis testing, business experimentation, innovation accounting, and MVP development.

Languages: English

Susie Braam

United Kingdom

Susie Braam is an expert in corporate innovation, strategy and leadership. Former Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the UK National Security arena, Susie now coaches and provides advice on business model development and innovation capability.

Clients: UK Government, Eat Like A Local, Moka Lashes, Gate Guys

Languages: English

Peter LePiane

Toronto, Canada

Peter has acquired a unique blend of experiences over the last 3 decades. He has advised large enterprises through agile and innovation transformation, volunteered in a fledgling venture capital firm, mentored startups in various incubators, professionally coached leaders and their teams, and operated as a change management consultant. It is this differentiated background that allows him to be the brave champion required in the face of drastic organizational mindshifts. He is equipped to help both leaders and teams of innovation shape their habits towards:

  • Generating and investing in ideas that align to the organization’s Innovation Thesis
  • Acknowledging assumptions made with humility vs running with them in the face of little evidence with hubris
  • Outcome-based and disciplined experimentation
  • A learning fast instead of a failing fast bias, and
  • Trading the dream of future assumed success for the reality of current customer feedback

Clients: Givaudan, Cisco Systems, Candian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Scotiabank, Cooperators Insurance, Pycap Venture Partners, DNV-GL, Pernod Ricard, Ryerson University, Virginia529, IFDS (State Street)

Languages: English

Nic Werner

Seattle, USA

My happy place is taking solid core products and expanding into the adjacent opportunities. I dive into the full customer journey, find their other pains, and bring that solution to market. As a serial entrepreneur and consultant to Fortune 500 firms, I’ve been doing this for over a decade. For my teams, I bring deep product craft. I champion user-centered design, coaching junior PMs in the core skills, and boosting senior PMs with their goals. At the executive level, I bring the confidence of our Mission, but the candor of the challenges we’re facing. I work best with other leaders when we can put all the pieces on the table, and work together to figure out what we’re seeing. I’m an urban planning geek and love cities and citizens. I’m pushing hard on AEC and the RE industry to do better for our cities and citizens, whether that’s aided by technology or facilitating better ways to collaborate with each other.

Languages: English

Andi Plantenberg

San Francisco, USA

Andi Plantenberg is an entrepreneur and principal at FutureTight, an innovation consultancy that builds entrepreneurial capabilities in the enterprise -- based in San Francisco, California. She's also Faculty member at Lean Startup Co, and a long-time mentor for startups in Silicon Valley (500 startups, IndieBio, Singularity University, Draper University).

Clients: GE, Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, NASA Ames Mission Control, OpenTable, BISSELL floor-care

Languages: English

Elijah Eilert


Elijah Eilert lived and worked in Germany, China, Spain, France, the US and now calls Australia home. His passion for an evidence-based approach to entrepreneurship evolved from the difficulties of applying traditional business planning and project management to his first Startup - which he co-founded in China in 2007. Since then he has ventured back and forth between the Startup and corporate innovation space. Today, Elijah coaches Startups and assists large organisations with their innovation practice, management and strategy. Solving the problems of innovation management to him is just as satisfying as the end result of a successful project - satisfied customers.

Languages: English, German

Kenny Nguyen

San Francisco, USA

Kenny is the main contact for general company and client project inquiries. Please reach out if you don't know who to contact, or if you are having trouble reaching out to anyone in Kromatic.

Languages: English

Brian Tam

Shanghai, China

Brian Tam is a creativity consultant, leading corporate innovation teams in China. Born in New York, and proudly raised in New Jersey - he has been in China since 2007, working to drive the fantastic change that is happening in China & the world. Let's Make Great!

Languages: Chinese, English

Björn Ühss

Berlin, Germany

I run 4 businesses, all build within few months following the Lean Startup principles. Owner of the Marketing & Innovation agency 22tribes, an eCommerce Fashion Brand and an app Startup. We help organisations to set up profitable Online Marketing Strategies to grow their business with qualified traffic and leads.

Clients: Intuit

Languages: English, German, Spanish

Cris Beswick

London, UK

Having spent over a decade as a successful entrepreneur in the design industry, Cris is now recognized globally as a thought leader on innovation strategy, leadership and culture and a pioneer in the field of measuring innovation maturity. As a strategic advisor, he’s helped some of the world’s most ambitious CEOs, leaders, companies and governments solve their most complex innovation challenges. Based in London but working internationally Cris is a Visiting Professor of Innovation at several of the world’s leading Business Schools and a regular keynote speaker at global innovation conferences.

Clients: Cisco, The House of Commons, Roche

Paul Orlando

Los Angeles, USA

Paul Orlando has led startup accelerators on three continents. He runs the USC Marshall/Greif Incubator, for businesses founded by USC students, alumni and faculty. At USC he also teaches in the entrepreneurship department. Paul co-founded AcceleratorHK (Hong Kong’s first startup accelerator) and was program director at the Laudato Si startup accelerator in Rome (partnered with the Vatican). Paul’s work has been featured in media including Forbes, Fast Company and TechCrunch. Paul advises Fortune 500 firms and funded startups on internal product innovation, rapid experimentation and growth. He has degrees from Cornell and Columbia and was a winner at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon.

Clients: E&Y, PWC, Unilever, and unnamed tech startups and CPG companies

Languages: Chinese, English

Jorge Castello

Dubai, UAE

Jorge has worked for large corporations across different industries in Europe (MAPFRE, Iberdrola), Middle East (Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Water and Electricity Authority, Qatar World cup Organizing Committee, Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority, amongst others) and Africa (Central Bank of Nigeria, Standard Bank).

Clients: Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Dubai Water and Electricity Authority, Qatar World cup Organizing Committee, Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority, Central Bank of Nigeria, Standard Bank, MAPFRE, Iberdrola

Languages: English, Spanish

Sam McAfee

San Francisco, USA

I develop better technology leaders, build high-performing product development teams, and strengthen organizations.

Clients: ShareThrough, Adobe, PG&E, Anthem, Blackstone, Center for Creative Leadership

Languages: English

Eleanor Gibson

London, UK

I coach organisations that do good to innovate faster, cheaper and more successfully by applying digital thinking. We work together to quickly create teams that use lean, agile, practices to continuously learn where the value for user and business overlaps. I coach and advise leaders to create a continuously learning organisation that innovates at speed. I give their teams tools and support to start delivering differently immediately.

Jasmine Phillips

Phoenix, USA

Jasmine is the main contact for Kromatic invoicing and billing activities. Please contact her if you have any accounting related issues.

Languages: English

Patrick Canny

Adelaide, Australia

I studied as a Data Scientist almost before there was such a thing. I've applied the discipline of Data Driven Decision Making for employers and clients in a diverse range of industries - consumer electronics, hardware, industrial automation, mining/METS, IT and not-for-profit. I've held senior executive roles in Marketing and Strategy, gaining significant experience in new product development, M&A, manufacturing, finance and supply chain. I use my broad experience to model and re-engineer complex businesses.

Clients: SAGE Automation, Seed Terminator, UniSA, City of Adelaide, Cycling Australia, Laing O'Rourke

Languages: English

Kylie Pedler-Jones

Sterling, Australia

Kylie is a Change Manager and Scrum Master. She brings seven years of experience in project management and business analysis. Her key strengths are facilitation, stakeholder management and root cause analysis.

Languages: English

Ray Wu

San Francisco, USA

Ray spent the last several years building out Lean Startup Machine, cofounding/leading Growth at MagicBus (Y Combinator W16), and working with 80+ portfolio companies via accelerator programs, including SOSV's Chinaccelerator and MOX, and JFDI.Asia. He has trained teams and designed customized processes, by combining Customer Development, Growth, Analytics (implementation) with Experiment Planning cycles.

Clients: TPaga (YC W17), SOSV Chinaccelerator & MOX, Plato

Languages: Chinese, English, German

Ryan Hatch

Green Bay, USA

Ryan is a product strategy leader & coach. Excellence in lean product innovation, innovation strategy, high-growth startups, and product management. Ryan coaches entrepreneurs and executives who are unafraid of growth. He guides teams through innovation strategy design and leads & coaches great teams to grow new products. Let's talk growth, new ventures, new products, new markets, new business models. Ryan has a wealth experience, including: high-growth startups, Fortune 500 corporate innovation, FinTech value proposition design, coaching product teams, innovation portfolio management, exploring new markets, product concept design, innovation investments, product management, and much more.

Languages: English

Rob Aalders

Masstricht Area, Netherlands

Rob supports entrepreneurs and help cities to become smart. His passion is to connect people and places and create the future. Entreprenuership and innovation are core to all success! As founder of Startup Spirit, he grows business by learning corporates how to innovate like a startup and support the development of strong startup and entrepreneurial eco-systems. The clients he has worked with include Fortune 500 and mid-sized international companies in various industries like IT, Medtech and financial services.

Languages: Dutch, English, German

Karl Burrow

Tokyo, Japan

Karl is the owner of Karllestone Capital, a Tokyo-based management and strategy company. He specializes in entrepreneurship and startups, business model innovation and design thinking, transformation implementation, corporate innovation, operational improvement, and turnaround management, helping organizations undergoing significant change to make the right decisions. An experienced CTO in the fintech and banking sectors, Karl serves as an adjunct professor at Keio University and New York University, and is co-author of the books "Business Model Generation," "Value Proposition Design," and "Business Model You."

Languages: English, Japanese

Tyrome Smith

Bowie, USA

I am passionate about helping people and organizations think through hard problems, not just the ones that they say they have but explore the ones that emerge. I have been doing it for over 25 years I have been providing strategic innovation counsel to commercial and mission-focused organizations, including senior executive teams in the US Department of Defense and Intelligence community working on national security issues. While I have lots of tools like the business/mission model, assumption mapping, innovation strategies, my best tool is my willingness to say "I don't understand, could you say more?"

Languages: English

Julia Begley

London, UK

User Experience Researcher with a passion for remote working and facilitation. Experienced in account and project management, and coaching teams in Agile within the non-profit sector.

Languages: English

Justin Zack


Justin Zack works with growth stage companies to help them build a foundation for scaling. For 10+ years he has helped companies like Mailchimp, VersionOne and upwave put plans into action. Justin is currently working on the, a productivity notebook designed for the busy product manager, and blogs at

Languages: English

Alexia van Schaardenburg

Lyon, France

I help businesses, innovation, transformation or marketing manager to find the right way to deal with those challenges. My toolbox includes Lean Startup & Lean Enterprise, Design Thinking, Agile methods, collective intelligence, facilitation but also common sense and a good dose of humour. Dealing with a business, innovation or a transformation, is not just strategy or operations. It is also and foremost the people beyond an idea or a business.

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Anteo Quiroz

San Francisco, USA

Schedule time with me for UX, UX Research & Business Model Canvas. Please send questions in advance with data.

Languages: English

Hannah Levinson

Charlotte, USA

I currently serve as managing director of Lahayim Cooperative, a full service consulting collaborative that scales social and traditional ROI for companies and portfolios. Lahayim’s client-partners comprise government agencies, educational institutions, investment funds, NGOs and startup companies. Our mission is to accelerate emergent shifts in global markets toward stakeholder-centric models that create positive, lasting socioeconomic impact for all, and our vision is global realization of "human capitalism" by 2030. My day-to-day revolves around driving growth, partnerships, strategy and results for Lahayim’s community members and client-partners. Using my diverse cross-sector and global perspective and network, I lead engagements and structure partnerships focused on business model innovation, company culture, due diligence, fundraising, investment strategy, leadership development, relationship-building and startup sourcing.

Clients: 20 Million Minds Foundation, Davidson College, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Karlin Asset Management, World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community

Languages: English

Sandro Olivieri

Berkeley, USA

Sandro helps lower the barriers for corporations, foundations and governments to accelerate positive social change. He helps to create accelerators, labs, and investment programs that are inclusive, authentic, and impactful.

Clients: AT&T, Ericsson, DirecTV Latin America, Genband, Grad Guru

Languages: English

Josh Berry

Lincoln, USA

Josh has no book or proprietary framework. Instead, he and his team at Econic help leaders and innovation teams bring their unique strategies, programs and ideas to life. Through individualized workshops and coaching on real-world projects, participants practice the behaviors that grow themselves and their companies. Previous and current clients include P&G, Teach for America, US Bank, Mutual of Omaha, John Deere and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Languages: English, Spanish

Andy Cars

Stockholm, Sweden

Andy has worked with some of the world’s largest companies to help build their innovation capabilities. He takes a holistic approach to innovation that includes designing innovation strategies, setting up innovation accounting systems, identifying and mitigating barriers to innovation, and training and coaching executives and innovation teams.

Clients: Telia Company, Tieto, Flir Systems, H&M, Philip Morris, The Absolut Company

Languages: English, German, Swedish

Diego Da Col

Buenos Aires, Argentina

As a lean startup coach, I work with innovation teams to improve their product and business model. I apply lean startup principles and design thinking concepts in order to developing a proprietary Lean Thinking framework. My background: - Professional with 16 years experience in software implementations, planning, coordination and leadership of technology projects. - Experience working for multinational companies with regional headquarters interaction. Involved in IT projects, conducting business case analysis, project feasibility, team building, vendor management, with regional mobility. Along with the team of my company Vixerant, we coach teams in companies and governments in the process of providing services and products to clients, focused on problem solving.

Languages: Spanish

Boris Grinkot

New York, USA

I help organizations succeed in digital transformation, and turn new product and process ideas into a pipeline of human-centered, evidence-driven innovation. I've worked with the leadership of both consumer- and internally-facing groups within enterprises in North America and Europe -- including Bloomberg, J&J, Bayer, Munich RE, Kaplan, and Humana -- to develop a discovery mindset and an agile way of working in their organizations. In addition to consulting, I teach in the graduate management program at the Parsons School of Design. In the past, I've authored and contributed to industry publications on digital messaging, user experience design, and management of experiments; and mentored hundreds of startups in accelerators.

Clients: Bloomberg, J&J, Bayer, Munich RE, Kaplan, and Humana

Languages: English, Russian

Adrian Tan

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Experienced professional in startup acceleration, corporate innovation and venture investment across Southeast Asia.

Clients: JFDI Asia Accelerator, Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator (VIISA), FFWD, WeWork

Languages: Chinese, English

Mrinalini D'Costa

Munich, Germany

RATLab consultants bring along a unique framework for innovation that harnesses untapped potential of available resources to reinvent your future using what you have, while preserving your core business. RATLab encompasses years of innovation experience, packaged in a systemic, structured approach. We offer Innovation as a service, beginning with real problems, until execution on the best possible solutions. Product and service design from customer discovery to launch is driven by - Kicking off multidisciplinary teams in collaborative workshops - Facilitation of teams by applying Resourceful Innovation, Design thinking, Lean Start-up frameworks - Prod/ Service Development using lean human centered driven approach (Lean UX). - Market strategy - Business model adaptation and strategy development with appropriate maturity

Clients: Finsa, Siemens, Exton, TechStars, Insurtech Hub, Werk1, Plug&Play

Languages: English, German, Hindi, Konkani, Marathi

Rosemary King

London, UK

Rosemary is a product leader who has specialized in software development, agile enablement and lean methodologies for 10+ years. She has worked across diverse domains including government, finance, retail and enterprise. After starting her tech career in the New York City start-up scene, she moved into consulting and has spent time with ThoughtWorks and Pivotal Labs London. She has done freelance consulting and training with incubator programs like start-up bootcamp, done UX research on four continents and has built and scaled business models for Fortune500 companies as well as start-ups. She is currently Head of Product at Float cashflow forecasting app, working with them to grow their team and scale their product processes.

Languages: English

Rammohan Reddy

Bangalore, India

Rammohan helps corporates and innovation-oriented organizations design and run structured innovation programs and startup accelerators. Through initiatives designed as short-term bootcamps or long-term programs, Rammohan has improved the innovation quotient of organizations. He speaks on various national and international platforms about innovation ecosystems and startup culture. He is also a TEDx speaker.

Clients: DBS Singapore, Singapore Press Holdings, Philip Morris International, Amdocs, EpirocMining, Technation Kazakhistan

Languages: Chinese, Hindi, Telugu

Franck Debane

Paris, France

Franck Debane has lived and worked in the Silicon Valley, London and Paris. Engineering by training he has co-founded 2 startups (one acquired). He then worked for AOL and the BBC during their major business transformation. He now helps corporates organize and run their innovation and transformation initiatives. Franck also co-founder of Lean Startup Experience in Paris, a 11.000+ practitioner community in France organizing 20 events per year.

Clients: Total, Nissan, Leroy Merlin, Societe Generale.

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Muath Bin Hussain

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Muath has worked in an assignment as professional strategic transformation with a team to transform the largest oil and gas company in the world to become energy and petrochemical company in 2020. During that period, he worked with many international organizations such as E&Y and SAP. Muath has co-founded a mentorship organization called MentorsKSA, and as the vice president for operations, he managed a program with the Saudi Ministry of Labor that is worth around 2 million dollars and scored the highest among service providers. Since 2012, Muath has been leading the Lean Startup Circle in Khobar that is part of a worldwide movement to help people understand and apply the lean methodology.

Clients: Aramco Entrepreneurship Center, Badir Incubator, KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute

Languages: Arabic, English

Dan Toma

Stuttgart, Germany

I help large companies transform to be able to innovate for the future, while running their core business. I hold a dual MBA degree. I've co-authored The Corporate Startup which was awarded the 2018 Management Book of the Year Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship by the Chartered Management Institute. I have worked as a consultant for several companies including Bosch, Bayer, John Deere, Deutsche Telekom and The World Bank. I've been through 3 corporate wide transformations, of which I lead 2.

Clients: Deutshe Telekom, Bosch, DNB, ING, Allianz, Bayer, John Deere, Jaguar Land Rover, DNV GL, Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

Languages: English, German, Romanian