Value Proposition Comprehension Test

When conversion rates on your landing page or sales page are low, sometimes it just means the page isn't well written. To improve conversion rates, try value proposition testing. A comprehension test is a simple way to see how well your marketing language is understood by your customer. This template is for running comprehension tests and tracking results. Run it before you do a landing page test.

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When to Use It

Use this template:

  • When you are testing before conversion.
  • Before using your value proposition to attract potential customers.
  • When you want to eliminate the false negatives you might get from customers who misunderstand your product or service.

Who Should Use It

Anyone that is trying to answer the following questions:

  1. Does the customer understand the value proposition?
  2. How could we explain the value proposition better?

How It Works

Value Proposition Comprehension Test

Comprehension tests are very easy to conduct. The template is broken into three sections:

  1.  Value Proposition Checklist
    When crafting your value proposition, make sure you have thought through each of these questions. You don’t need to have all of these answered ahead of time, but it will help you craft the value proposition in a clear and concise way.

  2. Value Proposition Statement
    In this section, write out the value proposition you are testing. There's room for several versions because you might want to tweak it based on feedback as you go. There are many ways to structure your value proposition, such as Steve Blank’s method: “We help X do Y by doing Z.”

  3. Responses
    In this section, write down what your participants say when they repeat the value proposition in their own words. Be on the lookout for specific language they use that might be different from your own. Keep an eye out for patterns as well, such as six people using the same phrase to describe your product or service.


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