Sales CRM Template (Google Sheet)

This sales funnel template is a simple customer relationship management (CRM) spreadsheet that can (and should) be customized by early stage startups who are just establishing a sales process with prospects and beginning to build a customer base.

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When to Use It

This template can help you turn prospects from ads and page visits into a reliable customer base for your market. Handy when you need to:

  • Create a complex sales process that another participant can successfully interpret
  • Create qualification criteria
  • Create observable measures of progress
  • Set up a CRM in a spreadsheet

Who Should Use It

 A sales funnel template can help you if you’re looking for the next step to move a sales lead forward, if you want to know when the demo should occur, or if you want to know when to send the proposal.

Teams that are dealing with complex sales with multiple stakeholders will also find it useful, or those facing the challenge of long sales cycles and complex bidding practices that make rapid prototyping and lean startup difficult for their business.

How It Works

Sales CRM Template (Google Sheet)

Follow the template stages listed below, and then conduct some basic analysis and triage. For example, look for bulges and gaps in your sales funnel, and analyze whether there are enough sales leads going through the funnel overall.

After looking at the high-level funnel and addressing any noticeable symptoms (like volume of incoming leads, the shape of the funnel, bulges, and gaps), begin an analytical dig into the data and consider actions to take. If there are bulges, consider splitting the phase. If there are gaps, look for a bottleneck. If there is not enough throughput, fill the funnel.

  1. Notestorm sales steps
  2. Organize sales steps by buyer type
  3. Create a sequence for sales steps
  4. Consolidate into a sales funnel
  5. Convert the sales funnel into this spreadsheet CRM
  6. Add data fields


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