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Lean Experiment Design

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2h Online Workshop
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“Kromatic’s hands-on introduction to Lean Startup and its guiding principles was a complete wake-up call for my startup, forcing us to launch our MVP and learn fast.”
Ryan Bruels, Director of Emerging Technology - Starbucks

Should I run a Concierge or a Wizard of Oz test? Maybe a smoke test? And what exactly is "Picnic in the Graveyard"?

Lean Startup is full of buzzwords and jargon that is beyond confusing. Our reaction is to over simplify our advice to startups into Step 1, 2, 3 dogma that often results in bad advice. Does every startup need to create an early signup smoke test? Will a B2B product focused on the energy sector really have a CIO sign up based on a landing page?

Real Startups don't need dogma or a step by step process. They need a well organized toolbox that lets them choose the right tool at the right time.

This workshop will focus on how to coach startups to identify their biggest risks and choose the right experiment or research method to find their business model.


This is not a webinar! This is a practical, hands on workshop that will prepare you to design and run experiments for your project. You will interact with the facilitator and the other attendees to run exercises. You will receive individual feedback on your pre-work and you are expected to actually run real experiments and gather data after the workshop.

It is strongly advised that you attend with a real project, but if you don’t have one, we will provide an example project you can work on.

Pre-Work (Self Paced)

Before the live session, you’ll have access to a few articles, a video, some preparation work on experiment design and a short quiz to help set the context for the working session and make sure we can get right to the exercises.

You will receive individual feedback on the pre-work you submit.

Online Workshop - Experiment Design (Working Session)

In this 2 hour session, we’ll cover why you should run experiments, how often, and how to structure them. You will leave with a toolbox of research and experiment techniques to select the right tool at the right time plus one actionable experiment or research task based on your project's biggest risks.

Attendees can request feedback on their project work via email.

“I loved Kromatic's workshop. Great inspiration!"
Guy Van Wijmeersch, Director Innovation & Design Thinking - Barco


In a webinar, you are just watching videos with little interaction or facilitation. This workshop will be going through exercises live with a facilitator, as well as use your real projects to ensure that the theory is immediately applied to real world scenarios.
The workshops will be scheduled based on attendee time zone to allow for the broadest possible participation. By signing up, you are indicating interest in attending and will receive a follow up email regarding what times are best for you.
The workshop is facilitated using Zoom for video conferencing and Mural to facilitate exercises. Please ensure you have a good internet connection and attend using your laptop or tablet, not a mobile phone.
Yes, we alternate the time slot to be accessible in different time zones. Please email Nick [at] and let us know your location and we'll invite you to the correct session.
Yes, we always support community leaders and non-profits. Please email Nick [at] and let us know your situation.
No, this is online only.
Please email Nick [at] with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Absolute money back guarantee within 30 days of the workshop. Even if you simply didn't enjoy the workshop, you can ask for your money back.