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Innovation Ecosystems: Mapping Obstacles & Metrics

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2h Online Workshop
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“Kromatic’s hands-on introduction to Lean Startup and its guiding principles was a complete wake-up call for my startup, forcing us to launch our MVP and learn fast.”
Ryan Bruels, Director of Emerging Technology - Starbucks


What is stopping us from innovating? How can we enable entre/intrapreneurs? How will we boost our ability to innovate?

For either startup Ecosystem Builders or Corporate Innovators, this interactive online workshop will focus on how to map out your ecosystem and identify obstacles to innovation that are putting the brakes on innovation.

Every company and every country is different. There are different obstacles ranging from red tape to lack of skills to a lack of strategy. While many innovation programs and accelerators start with a solution of how they will "fix" innovation, this approach focuses on first identifying the most critical obstacles to innovation and measuring the impact of those obstacles. From there, any solution we create will be focused on eliminating those obstacles and will have a way of demonstrating progress through metrics that everyone agrees on.

For Corporate Intrapreneurs and Innovation Executives

Should we build a program like Intuit's Innovation Catalysts? Or just copy GE Fastworks? Are they the same? Will they work for us? Or lead to lower stock prices?

Large companies aren't like startups and copying their tactics can be frustrating and sometimes foolish. A big corporation is more like an ecosystem that has startups inside it, trying to survive. The CEO can't command innovation and expect greatness. But we can change the elements of the ecosystem to support intrapreneurship.

All ecosystems are different and blindly copying a model from Silicon Valley can lead to disaster. Every company must take its strengths and weaknesses into account and design an innovation program to complement them.

For Startup Evangelists and Development Agencies

Should we build an accelerator? Should we focus on ideation? Should we offer public workshops or just focus on reducing red tape?

Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, Silicon Wadi...while everyone is trying to copy the San Francisco Bay area, each region has strengths and weaknesses that are unique and distinct.

To attract entrepreneurs and investors, ecosystems must exploit its strengths and minimize its weaknesses. Copycats don't do well.

This workshop will teach you how to maximize the impact of any innovation program by targeting it to the specific problems of the ecosystem.


This is not a webinar! This is a practical, hands-on workshop that will prepare you to start collecting data and running experiments in your ecosystem. You will interact with the facilitator and the other attendees to run exercises. You will receive individual feedback on your pre-work and you are expected to actually go out and perform a real experiment after the workshop.

It is strongly advised that you attend with a real ecosystem and innovation program in mind, but if you don’t have one, we will provide an example project you can work on.

Pre-Work (Self Paced)

Before the live session, you’ll have access to a few articles, a video, some preparation work, and a short quiz to help set the context for the working session and make sure we can get right to the exercises.

You will receive individual feedback on the pre-work you submit.

Online Workshop - Ecosystem Obstacle Mapping (Working Session)

In this 2 hour session, we will go over all the elements of an innovation ecosystem, typical obstacles, and how to develop your own metrics for each element. Each attendee will leave with their own ecosystem map and dashboard of metrics.

“I loved Kromatic's workshop. Great inspiration!"
Guy Van Wijmeersch, Director Innovation & Design Thinking - Barco


In a webinar, you are just watching videos with little interaction or facilitation. This workshop will be going through exercises live with a facilitator, as well as use your real projects to ensure that the theory is immediately applied to real world scenarios.
The workshops will be scheduled based on attendee time zone to allow for the broadest possible participation. By signing up, you are indicating interest in attending and will receive a follow up email regarding what times are best for you.
The workshop is facilitated using Zoom for video conferencing and Mural to facilitate exercises. Please ensure you have a good internet connection and attend using your laptop or tablet, not a mobile phone.
Yes, we alternate the time slot to be accessible in different time zones. Please email Nick [at] and let us know your location and we'll invite you to the correct session.
Yes, we always support community leaders and non-profits. Please email Nick [at] and let us know your situation.
No, this is online only.
Please email Nick [at] with any questions, comments, or concerns.
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