Innovation Accounting Program | May 2024

Become a faster, more confident decision-maker with our six-week Innovation Accounting program.

Learn how to make better pivot or persevere decisions on your real project by building a hypothesis-driven financial model.

Taught by real entrepreneurs with real experience, you’ll get results you can use right away.

What you achieve:

  • Create a storyboard or customer journey map of your user’s experience
  • Identify quantitative metrics to measure your user’s experience
  • Construct a hypothesis-driven financial model based on your user’s experience

Why this course:

  • Taught by real entrepreneurs with real experience
  • Work on your real-world project (or choose a sample project)
  • Get feedback from fellow innovators in a peer-to-peer group
  • Leave with a flexible simulation that can predict your business model’s financial or mission impact

Summary of Live Events (2 hours each) (9am Eastern/2pm GMT):

  • Tues, May 28 - Kickoff
  • Tues, Jun 4 - Storyboarding
  • Tues, Jun 11 - Financial & Mission Impact Modeling
  • Tues, Jun 18 - Practical Statistics
  • Tues, Jun 25 - Measuring Product/Market Fit Wksp
  • Tues, Jul 2 - Making Go/No-Go Decisions Wksp

What People Are Saying:

This was definitely the best online training that I’ve participated in. Others were designed for a big audience, but this was more personal – you really had the individual approach and the possibility to reach out to a coach.

Simon Laubscher, Senior Innovation Partner, Maersk Drilling

It's an incredible program! Thanks for the great experience. I'm excited for the new strategic potential that this kind of insight is unlocking for my business.

Ed Essey, Director of Intrapreneurship - Microsoft Garage

$2,500.00 USD